Destiny Builders – Our Mission

Destiny Builders exists to REBUILD those who have been torn down, RAISE UP the poor and downcast, REPAIR the broken, & RESTORE hope to the lost and defeated (Isaiah 58:12). We seek to guide people along their journey to discover their God-given destiny for their life.

We live in a world in which identity has been withheld and destiny stolen. We were each created with gifts and a specific call. Yet when identity is withheld, people wander through life searching for who they are with unfulfilled desire and frustration because deep inside they know they were called to do something great.

The world is full of broken people, but so is the Church. But while we have all experienced brokenness, God’s power is available to heal and restore that which was withheld or stolen. That is our Mission: to rebuild, raise up, repair and restore.

God’s purpose and calling for each person is what we call His “destiny” for our lives. We must all work through our brokenness, into a journey with Him, for hope and restoration to understand our identity and fulfill our destiny.

The enemy is a thief and liar who seeks to destroy people, families, our nation. We refuse to sit back while believers, pastors, families, children and the lost are robbed of their God-given destiny!



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Destiny Builders – Our Vision

We seek to REBUILD, RAISE UP, REPAIR, and RESTORE individuals and families. We have worked extensively in Asia and other parts of the world, through events and seminars in partnership with local churches.

We seek to build up and encourage pastors and their families through training, mentoring, and friendship. We seek to empower children and young people to grow and impact their world with the hope and love of God by challenging them to discover their purpose and destiny from God. We seek to ignite more of a passion for prayer to further the Kingdom of God for His glory.

We are also called to minister in the realm of government through intercessory prayer and prayer walks, meetings with government officials and published articles which give insight into what is happening in the natural and spiritual realm in this sphere.

In a practical sense, we desire to empower believers to have courage. We desire to bless churches and pastors in the less resourced areas of the world. We love to bless marriages, families, and children to walk in His power. Newer aspects of our ministry include coordinating a powerful prayer movement for churches, families, and nations around the world. We seek to empower the Body of Christ and through the Holy Spirit strategically influence leaders around the world.

By partnering with us through prayers, finances, volunteering or traveling with us, you empower us to help God’s people worldwide to rise up and walk in His destiny for their lives.


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You, too, are a DESTINY BUILDER!