Prayer Tour 2022

If you are interested in our upcoming Fall 2022 Prayer Tour and would like to be added to the list for upcoming information, please click here.

This year we will be headed to New York City to pray at strategic locations. Boots on the ground prayer is essential. Dates and cost not yet finalized. More information coming soon.

Important Information

Please note, our prayer tours often include historical sites, however, this is not a sight-seeing venture, but a prayer tour with an emphasis of prayer at these important. At times it will include meeting with governmental leaders and their teams, who are battling every day behind the scenes.

NOTE: Even with a bus, there is still lots of walking. If walking or stairs are an issue for you, then this trip will be a challenge. We must stay together as a team and so I’m asking that if walking is an issue, please email us so we can keep you on a list for one that does not involve so much physical maneuvering.

The cost for the trip includes hotel, breakfast and dinner each day, bus/van, tickets for ticketed areas. It DOES NOT include airfare or lunch meals.

Note: The trip comes as a package and we cannot make separate accommodations for participants. If you choose to be part of this team, we all need to be at the same hotel and the same schedule as planned. Thanks for understanding!

For additional information email us here.

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