How You Can Support

In order to fulfill our mission, Destiny Builders relies on support from people like you. The opportunities listed below depend on donor support, both financially and in prayer.

We always appreciate monetary gifts, but we have an equally important need. For a life-changing adventure, let us challenge you to a leap of faith serving in the trenches of life here at Destiny Builders. Could it be that, while you are shaping someone else’s destiny, yours is being molded, as well?

Your support of Destiny Builders helps to provide a path to purpose, health and self-sufficiency for men, women and children who have lost direction.

Review the giving opportunities below to see how you can participate in our vision to REBUILD those who have been torn down, RAISE UP the poor and downcast, REPAIR the broken, & RESTORE hope to the lost and defeated (Isaiah 58:12).

Your support of Destiny Builder’s work in Asia enables us to reach the kids and strengthen the families and churches in China and Asia.

General Donations are very important to a ministry’s work. When you give a general donation, you empower us to apply the funds given to the area of ministry where it is needed the most. At times, one area of ministry may be better funded than others. General donations can be directed to an area that might not be as strong at a particular time. A General Donation gift helps all areas of the ministry, especially when the gift is a recurring, monthly gift.

Please consider becoming an IMPACT! Monthly Donor by selecting the “recurring” option on the online donation page. A 12 month or 24 month commitment is a huge blessing.

Our SWAT Prayer Team is like the foundation of our ministry. All areas of the ministry are highly dependent on our faithful prayer support. Our IMPACT Monthly Donors provide a stable structure (like the walls and roof of a building) through which we can serve the Asian churches, families, and kids. Occasional gifts (our BOOST Donors) help provide the extra boost to get through areas that have less support. Our GO Team members help us do the hands-on work on the field, sacrificing much to be face to face with those we serve in China and Asia. Every role is important, but we cannot operate without the prayer foundation AND the faithful, stable monthly support.

Thank you for every gift and prayer you provide. Your help makes a difference in the lives of the Asian family.

Help us bring Mario Murillo, Flash Point Live and Revival to Oklahoma!

Thank you for your financial gift for revival and transformation of Oklahoma. We need approximately $35,000 for this two-night event.

In addition to financial donations, would you consider volunteering  as an altar worker, usher, greeter, intercessor or parking attendant?

If so, after you complete your donation you can sign up on the website.

Our goal is to see God’s miracle working power transform our state from these events that will spread like a fire through our nation.

Your donation of any size is a blessing. All gifts are tax-deductible. Thank you for your support!

The need for Bibles is urgent. YOU CAN HELP. The GOOD news: It is estimated there are 3.5 – 7 million new Christians in China every year. The BAD news: The number of Bibles printed and available are not enough to cover this growing number.

You can provide these much needed Bibles. Your donation of $5 will provide a whole Chinese Bible to someone in need of one.

TESTIMONIES: “That Bible changed my life! It led me to believe in Jesus Christ!” — Hainan, China Christian

“I had the privilege of hearing the Gospel about 30 years ago and decided to follow Jesus Christ. At that time Bibles were so scarce that I wondered if I could ever get my own copy. Fortunately God provided one for me (I still do not know where it came from) and I have become an evangelist of the Gospel. Now as I go preach the Gospel in the countryside I find that even though Bibles are not as rare as they were 30 years ago; there is still a huge deficit and it is very difficult for peasants to get a Bible. I now take Bibles that you provide and give them to seekers and believers that are so happy to get their own copy. Thank you for providing the Word of Life to us!” –Shaanxi, China Christian

Statistics have shown that each new Bible usually results in 3 additional people who will give their heart to the Lord. Thank you for helping us provide the precious Word of God in Asia.

Our pastoral ministry team serves pastors in developing nations. These men and women of God are serving the Lord in very poor conditions with little opportunity for training due to the lack of finances.

We will provide pastors seminars in different areas of each nation to make this training available with less travel restrictions on them, so that we can bless more of these servants of God. We usually serve 200 or more at these seminars.

As these pastors are very poor, we must cover all the costs of their transportation, food, housing, and our meeting room. Thank you for partnering with us through your giving and prayer to strengthen these pastors.

There are little to no resources available regarding marriage and family in the areas we serve in Asia. As we serve the church in Asia, especially through our marriage seminars, we have a huge need to give them sound and practical teaching and materials they can take home and reference.

Each couple attending will receive:

  • Valuable teaching in their language by reputable teachers.
  • Practical handouts to empower the marriages and families in Asia through Biblically-based principles

The children we serve through DESTINY KIDS Outreaches have very little to call their own. Through generous supporters like you, we help provide them with basic supplies for school and the Gospel, helping them discover their God-given destiny in Him.

Destiny Packs will include basic supplies, such as: pencils, scissors, writing notebooks, toothbrushes, soap, etc.

The children we serve at our Destiny Camps in Asia don’t have many things to call their own. Our goal is to send them home with a backpack containing supplies they can use on their own or for future schooling.

Your $30 gift will provide Destiny Packs for ten children, containing notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpener, scissors, a folder, glue and other resources for their learning.

The Light & Remnant is a prophetic blog run by Karen Hardin.

Our Ministry & Family Center Building/Land Project enables us to bless the children, families and churches in even greater ways. With increased control and restrictions on religious activities in many countries, it is necessary to provide a place of ministry where there is freedom to worship and serve their needs.

This Ministry & Family Center will allow us to do just that, as well as expand the ministry to serve even more people groups and needs.

Some needy children have especially come to our attention that we feel called to serve their ongoing needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and possibly school tuition for an extended period of time. Without our intervention, these children would likely fall prey to the evils of society and people around them. Your support helps us truly change these children’s lives in much greater, practical ways.

When disaster strikes a family or community, we take the love of Christ to them by providing much needed supplies, such as food, clothing, temporary shelter, etc., as well as, very open presentations of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many respond to the love and compassion shown to them by accepting Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Your support powerfully impacts whole communities for Jesus!

City-by-City intercessors are watchmen who are standing in prayer to raise up at least ten people in their city to see transformation and to see our nation turn back to God.

Destiny Builders – Our Vision

We seek to REBUILD, RAISE UP, REPAIR, and RESTORE individuals and families. We have worked extensively in Asia and other parts of the world, through events and seminars in partnership with local churches.

We seek to build up and encourage pastors and their families through training, mentoring, and friendship. We seek to empower children and young people to grow and impact their world with the hope and love of God by challenging them to discover their purpose and destiny from God. We seek to ignite more of a passion for prayer to further the Kingdom of God for His glory.

We are also called to minister in the realm of government through intercessory prayer and prayer walks, meetings with government officials and published articles which give insight into what is happening in the natural and spiritual realm in this sphere.

In a practical sense, we desire to empower believers to have courage. We desire to bless churches and pastors in the less resourced areas of the world. We love to bless marriages, families, and children to walk in His power. Newer aspects of our ministry include coordinating a powerful prayer movement for churches, families, and nations around the world. We seek to empower the Body of Christ and through the Holy Spirit strategically influence leaders around the world.

By partnering with us through prayers, finances, volunteering or traveling with us, you empower us to help God’s people worldwide to rise up and walk in His destiny for their lives.


Every venture requires financial backing to flourish, and ministry is no exception. Become a partner today!


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You, too, are a DESTINY BUILDER!