Are We to Submit to ALL Governing Authorities?

The verses in Romans 13:1-4 are often used to insist that we must submit to ALL authority—even ungodly authority and corrupt leaders. But is that really what that verse says? In this one hour video, I compare scripture to scripture to discuss issues such as where scripture seems to contradict itself. But does it?:

  • “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.”
  • When Peter and John defied the religious leaders of their day to continue to preach the Gospel.
  • When the Hebrew mid-wives ignored Pharaoh and refused to kill the Hebrew babies.
  • When Daniel continued to pray openly defying the king’s edict.
  • When Paul, who wrote Romans 13 regarding governing authorities, then opposed them.

So, which is right? What are we supposed to do today regarding some of these same issues and the question of whether we are to submit to all authority?

This teaching shares important issue from a biblical and constitutional review. For additional teachings or to sign up for my prophetic insights blog go to:

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